To ensure you receive the maximum exposure for your membership, there are six interfacing components:


   1. 800Casting (talent database)
   2. 800Modeling (Jan 2015)
   3. Audition800 (submit for any audition)
   4. Talent Agency Software (TAS800)
   5. Casting Director Software (CDS800)
   6. Industry Professional Software (800Client)

800Casting is a professional online portfolio containing more than 1,000 customizable fields. As a member of 800Casting,
your multimedia profile will be available to directors, casting directors, photographers, and other industry professionals on a
daily basis. You are able to upload 10 images, 10 video clips and 10 voice-over files as well as print and email your resume
in a professional and acceptable format.

Audition800 provides:
   (1) BREAKDOWNS - review and submit for auditions
   (2) AUDITION INVITATIONS - provide auditions by invitation
   (3) AUDITION EXPRESS - audition for any client, in or out of network.

There are no additional charges for Audition800. The service may be accessed from within 800Casting profiles or download as a
free App, which may be used in conjunction with your iPhone, Droid or similar Smartphone.

On any given day, your agent can electronically submit your 800Casting multi-media profile to ANYONE, not just casting directors.
Think of it this way, through the 800 interface you are gaining exposure to ALL CLIENTS… casting directors, filmmakers,
production companies, studios, Ad agencies, music producers, photographers and all other entertainment professionals. In most
instances, bookings by our network agencies are a direct result of the agent submitting your 800Casting profile in a professional
format for client review. No wonder why agents request that their talent apply for membership.

If your profile is not linked to a network agency or manager (see FAQ No. 32), you are considered to be an "unrepresented talent." Unrepresented talent automatically becomes part of our “Talent Scout” database, which is searchable by network agents who want to
expand their rosters.

800Casting profiles are totally secure and no one except the individual talent themselves or their approved agents are able to view personal information including Social Security number, telephone number, addresses etc. “Approved” means that the talent has electronically transferred his/her profile to one or more network agents. Clients seeking additional information on “unrepresented talent” will be will contact talent in accordance with FAQ No. 7.

In this electronic age of online castings and instant information, every actor, model and entertainer, must have an online presence and portfolio. Whether you're a part-time model or a seasoned professional actor, your marketing tools are the difference between getting
seen and getting lost in the shuffle.

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$49.95 per year

If you are new to modeling or acting,
Review: How to start an Acting or Modeling Career

If you have already gained experience,
Review: Informative Information


"I believe 800Casting is absolutely the most professional and best organized site for any talent, even if they have their own website!! I have my pictures, reels, voice over files, and, of course, almost everything I can ever remember doing on the resume. I highly recommend them!! And their support team can and will help you with any questions you may have."

Michael Ray Davis
ID: 13179

"Thank you SO, SO, SO incredibly much, you have no idea how much it is appreciated. My absolute best to whoever read my message and understood what it's like to be on this side of the fence, BEST REGARDS!
Can't say Thank You enough for this software,”

Anais Alvarez
ID: 63924

"Thank you again for all your help a few weeks ago. We already got a call (thanks to your suggestions) and had our very first audition this weekend in Orlando (Link Agency). Thank you again. I could NOT have done any of this without your wise counsel!"

Jen Henriksen
ID: 19515

"Wow, I didn't even think you guys (or girls) would get this till Monday, very prompt. My first audition ever went well and I got a supporting role in an independent film.... 800Casting was recommended to me and I can tell why - very professional, thank you!"

Linus Matusik
ID: 38406

"Fantastic software. VERY organized!
Great customer service! Many thanks.”

Michael Chase
ID: 60

"I would be glad to give testimonial
anytime you need one."

Chuck Bibby
ID: 28304

"Thanks so much. I love this site!
VERY organized!"

Rick Corbett
ID: 58888